Citrus Vitality Oils

I love Vitality Citrus Essential Oils because they are so easy to use!   I always have a couple rolling around in my purse to add drops when I refill my water bottle, or to add to soda water.   I mix and match depending on what I feel like I am needing at the time.   Citrus essential oils are very reasonably priced and are chock full of antioxidants.



Orange oil promotes joy & happiness. I love it because it smells fresh and uplifting.  I diffuse orange a ton in my kitchen. Orange oil stimulates the circulatory system and aids in digestion.  Is great to reduce fluid retention and is awesome for my complexion.  Beyond drinking & diffusing orange oil, I add it to salad dressings and use it a lot in chicken & fish dishes.  I am not a big orange juice drinker - so ingesting orange oil for me gives me all of the benefits of the juice without the sugar.


We eat a lot of tex mex in my house.   I add lime to my guacamole, fish tacos, salsa & margaritas.   Yum!   Lime oil is refreshing and stimulating.  Lime oil has antioxidant properties that support immunity.  When I diffuse or drink lime oil I feel balanced and positive.   I love to think of all the sunshine that is soaked into each lime used for the oil and imagine myself  soaking up all that energy.


I used to love Fresca.  Now that I am off chemical filled sodas, I get my grapefruit fix by adding a few drops of Grapefruit oil  to my club soda.  It's Effervescent and refreshing.  Grapefruit oil has anti-depressant, diuretic, stimulant & cleansing properties - It is uplifting and can help relieve anxiety.  I have started drinking a tall glass of water or club soda with 5-7 drops of grapefruit oil in my before meals - this is supposed to aid in weightloss (I will keep you posted on the weightloss). It tastes great!